holly and ross – our lucky stars

The brilliant Cooling Castle Wedding of Holly and Ross in September 2017. Any Cooling Castle Wedding is guaranteed to be stunning as the venue is really is truly spectacular.

From the first meeting with Holly and Ross I knew this was a wedding I wanted as they both had a great attitude towards the wedding and how the day would go. I felt we instantly clicked as Holly was used to being in front of a camera, as her highly popular fashion blog shows, and Ross, well Ross liked football.

A quick planning meeting a few days prior confirmed their laid-back approach, you’d never have believed they had a wedding coming up if you’d spoken to them! The big day arrived and Cooling Castle Barn looked as good as always. Even the famous neighbour came out and joined in the fun! Great weather and a great day followed.

Holly and Ross are a great couple who made my job of documenting the day very easy indeed. I wish them both every success and happiness in the future.


Venue: Cooling Castle Barn